My family is funny and noisy!

Every day something new, magical, interesting, funny and useful happens at our home. Film Every day - big joys and little pranks.
This is my life, as it is, and it is real.

It's good that I have a faithful assistant, with whom I look at the cleanliness in the house easily and with humor!

This is my Meine Liebe.

Meine Liebe — eco-friendly brand of household chemicals
  • Meine Liebe is a safe laundry detergent that effectively removes the toughest stains without being phosphate or chlorine.
  • Meine Liebe is cleaning products that do not contain aggressive fragrances, surfactants, aggressive abrasives and chemicals, so that children can litter clean!
  • Meine Liebe is floor cleaners that take care of your floor and wash it to a shine. Because it is pleasant for any sex to be looked after.
  • Meine Liebe is a dishwashing detergent that makes everything edible and you don't have to worry when your little one pulls toys from the floor into his mouth or eats an apple from the store.

We care about   nature and   about   your loved ones

  • Packaging
    from recyclable materials
  • Biodegradable
    getting into the environment, the components of the products decompose into safe components
  • Safe
    All products have dermatological safety test reports
  • Concentrated
    economical and profitable means per use
Meine Liebe — it's reliability

The owner of the brand is the German company Grünlab, which controls that the funds are produced only at the best sites in Europe and Russia. So, washing powders are produced in Germany, liquid detergents - in Italy, cleaning agents and dishwashing products - are produced at the best factories in Russia, which are trusted by the world's largest companies.

Because quality is above all for us.