Gel for washing fruits, vegetables, children's dishes and bottles.

3000 ml
Gel for washing fruits, vegetables, children's dishes and bottles.
Gel for washing fruits, vegetables, children's dishes and bottles.
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Little children need the most gentle care. And every mommy wants to use only the best and safest in hygiene. Children's dishes and toys also need special care, because the kid seeks to try everything that falls into his hands.

Meine Liebe does not disregard these concerns of mothers, and offers a gel for washing children's dishes, toys, as well as vegetables and fruits to remove wax and herbal chemicals. The product does not leave a smell, does not remain on dishes, and effectively removes all pollutions and germs.

Meine Liebe is a safe product for people, home appliances and the environment. Laundry and cleaning products do not contain phosphates, chlorine or other aggressive components.

No dyes, no perfumes.

Safe means for washing children's dishes (nipples, bottles, drinkers) and toys, including plastic, rubber, wooden and metal.

Ideal for washing fruits and vegetables.

Completely rinsed out.

Easily removes fat, removes traces of paraffin and wax from vegetables and fruits.

Provides a soft and delicate effect on the skin of the hands.