ML Eco-friendly hypoallergenic universal stain-removing washing powder "1000 stains"

1 kg
ML Eco-friendly hypoallergenic universal stain-removing washing powder
ML Eco-friendly hypoallergenic universal stain-removing washing powder
ML Eco-friendly hypoallergenic universal stain-removing washing powder
ML Eco-friendly hypoallergenic universal stain-removing washing powder
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For every housewife, it is very important not only the quality of washing (it means flawless, spotless, clean laundry), but also for many now one of the main aspects of choosing a washing detergent is the hypoallergenic composition and environmental friendliness.
The new stain-removing powder with a "talking" name - "1000 spots"-thanks to its balanced composition does an excellent job not only with everyday dirt, but also with difficult stains, while it does not contain phosphates, phosphonates, chlorine.
Eco-friendly composition based on natural soap, delicate surfactants, enzymes and sodium percarbonate.
The concentrated formula provides economical powder consumption: with light dirt and soft water, you will need only 30 g of powder for a full load of the washing machine, that is, 1 pack will be enough for a full 33 washes
Does not require additional rinsing cycles.
Designed for washing colored and white clothes. A wide washing temperature, range from 30 to 90 degrees, allows you to use this powder for different types of fabrics, except for wool, silk and downy products. 
For hand and machine washing. It can be used in houses with autonomous sewers (septic tanks).
>30%: Natriumcarbonat;
15-30%: Natriumchlorid;
5-15%: Natriumpercarbonat, nichtionisches Tensid;
<5%: Seife, Waschaktivator, Polycarboxylat, Enzyme (Protease und Amylase).
In case of difficult fat pollution, in order to get the desired result, it is necessary to follow the recommendations on the quantity of powder indicated in the dosage table and the increased temperature regime.
Quickly decomposes into biological components, does not harm the environment.
Measuring spoon inside each package.
Pre-sort the clothes by color, fabric type and degree of pollution. To achieve the best washing result, set the highest allowed temperature indicated on the product label.